During the work day, I’m a CTO for the South Carolina Parks, Recreation & Tourism (SCPRT) agency.  Trained as a lawyer, I abandoned the profession soon after passing the bar, determining I was cut out for something different.  I started working SCPRT in 1996 as a network technician.  I knew very little but had an excellent mentor who guide his young padawan in the ways of all things tech.  Throughout the years, I’ve overseen migrations from OS/2 desktops and servers running cc:Mail to Windows NT 4/Windows 95 desktops running Exchange 5.5 to our current Windows 7 & BPOS Exchange Online enterprise.  Additionally, I’ve moved the agency over my tenure from 16Mbps Token-Ring to 1Gbps Ethernet, built a 80 site WAN and migrated most server infrastucture to VMware ESX 4.0 with an iSCSI EqualLogic SAN.

At night, a husband and dad.  My wife and I homeschool our children and it’s a fantastic journey!

But always, I am an incarnational, trinitarian, creedal, ancient-future lover of God.  I’m part of the community of the historic Christian faith found at Church of the Apostles in Columbia, South Carolina (http://www.apostlescolumbia.org) and love discussing theology.


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