29 12 2005

Nick’s Cultural Revolution – New York Times

It is outrageous to see a media giant plotting to overthrow a culture because it doesn’t agree with the culture’s values. It is interested in promoting its vision of society upon undiscerning minds so ultimately it can make money. And it has no problem destroying something which has been in place for literally thousands of years.

In the U.S., the revolution has been much easier. Our short history as a republic has been untested for the long term. Democratic rights as interpreted in this culture have brought us to a very different place in a very short time. Kid programming from Viacom has helped supplement this revolution and created a faster mechanism for spreading moral toxicity throughout the culture.

With a breakdown of traditional structures and moral guidelines to embracing the unthinkable, our society’s days are numbered. One need only look to the ancient past to see the collapse of cultures. Rome became so weakened from within it could be overthrown from without. Put more succinctly by the great historian Will Durant, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.”

Viacom is accomplishing this in the U.S. With China in its sites, the decline of a great civilization is only a matter of time.




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