23 10 2005

Redemption Songs & Stories Tour 2005

Wow! Last night was a great experience. Three of my favorite artists in one place challenging us to think, act and worship. What a great time!

Sara Groves opened, introduced by her two boys the oldest of which was four or five. It was very cute. She was so real as an artist. She loves her craft as it adds to the beauty (the title of her latest album) of the world around us. She reminded us of the quote from Mother Teresa: We cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love.

Chris Rice is just plain fun. His enthusiasm is infectious. His lyrics are whimsical at times but profound. I remember hearing the “clumsy fly song” (Deep Enough To Dream) for the first time and I knew I’d like this guy. And he surprised me by playing it during his set! His new album, Amusing, sounded great from the stuff he played. Can’t wait to hear it all.

Jars of Clay opened with “And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” and isn’t that what it’s all about?! What a set! They’ve reached into the past with their new album, updating music to traditional hymns. Their in-concert renditions were incredibly vibrant. All of us were singing along, familiar with the words from childhood but hooked into the rhythms and melodies of today. They played a song they wrote for a “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe” CD and did a cover of a Julie Miller tune which will come out in a week or two as an iTunes exclusive. They too surprised me by playing “Flood”, “Liquid” and “Love Song For A Savior” from their first album. They took some time to share their hearts about a work they’ve started in Africa called blood:water mission. I encourage you to hear their vision to provide clean water and blood to our brothers and sisters in Africa.




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